Unique custom-made barrels
Eric Millard doesn’t have a catalogue and he doesn’t have a set range of barrels, nothing is standard and therefore nothing is impossible! He does not have to impose any decisions, because each of La Fabrique’s barrels is 100% custom-crafted.
There are three sizes available: 228, 300 and 500 litres.

The starting point is always Eric’s understanding of the winemaker’s wines and his/her style. Everything therefore begins with one or several tastings of the wine and a discussion about the domaine’s technical practices, the modus operandi in both the cellars and the winery, and the ambitions and particular characteristics of each wine that is to be ‘magnified’ during the ageing process.
The vocation of La Fabrique Eric Millard is not to produce quantity, but to produce the best possible quality, every time. This is why our production is deliberately kept on a small-scale.

In addition to the barrel, which is, of course, unique, the following options are available to La Fabrique’s customers:
• Hoops: tradition (chestnut), export (metal) or mixed
• Customization and decoration: laser marking with the Domaine’s logo
• Detailed information about the cask’s origin and traceability, as each has its own history.