Eric Millard

The creator of an artisanal cooperage, where tradition and innovation come together, in the heart of the Burgundy fine wine region.


30 years of barrel-making experience and reflexion

Eric Millard acquired his passion for wood and fine craftmanship from his initial training as a cabinetmaker. He then trained as a cooper in Beaune and after several years spent working for the biggest cooperage in Burgundy, he had mastered the fundamentals of his craft. Keen to work more closely with the wine itself, Eric then spent nearly 30 years working for a wine producer in Beaune which had an in-house cooperage. It was here that he really came to understand the symbiosis that must exist between each barrel and each fine terroir, vintage after vintage.
In 2018, Eric decided to make his own mark on the world of high-end cooperage. His ambition was simple: to offer top winemakers a tailor-made solution of hand-crafted barrels, produced on a small scale, and designed to enhance each of their wines.

An artisanal cooperage with firm convictions

• ‘Trust’ is at the heart of our offer. Thanks to a partnership with Bernard Gauthier, a highly respected stave-wood maker in Ménetou-Salon, we are able to guarantee the origin of our wood, which is exclusively sourced from the best forests in the Central Loire region and seasoned for a minimum of 36 months.
• We are a small, friendly company which enables us to provide each customer with a personal service. Your wines are unique, our barrels are too.
• We offer a toast that is both innovative and tailored to each individual wine. At La Fabrique, Eric Millard has devised several methods to ensure that each barrel is toasted in the best way possible.
• The decoration of the barrel is an integral part of our craft. Each barrel is a work of art and can be customized in numerous ways.